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MaxUp is a brand of specialised supplements developed by Allan Wohrnitz (BSc).


Allan is a nutritional researcher and has worked extensively with people to help them restore their health without the use of drugs. He has helped people get off medication and use nutrition to help them restore their health. He has mainly worked with children to get them off psychiatric medication for learning difficulties and hyperactivity (ADHD) and provided nutritional advices. He put together a website  www.childrensrights.co.za  and wrote a book The Rights of Children in Education to educate the public on the dangers of drugging children and linking them up to the correct professionals who do not use drugs to help children. He has also written over 100 health articles, some of which are available on the website to educate you on various health issues. His articles are available on a text CD - you can get more information about the CD by going to the e-Health CD - Health Articles link.


During his research, Allan found common health problems and as he could not find exact combinations of supplements to restore those specific health problems, he developed  or endorsed special formulations which are in the  range. The formulations address specific organs such as the nervous system (Cal Mag and Potassium), the brain (Maxi Mind),  the adrenals (Maximum Immunity), Fat Burning (Octocut) and Anti Ageing, Fat Loss and Muscle Building (HGH - Human Growth Hormone).


Pierre joined forces with Allan to create   and have it sold and marketed to the health industry. Pierre owns a health shop (Nutribalance Benmore, in Sandton) and is an iridology student. His expertise lies in helping people identify their health problems and recommending a combination of correct supplements to restore their health. He has also helped hundreds of children and adults get off psychiatric medication (e.g. Ritalin and anti-depressants) and replaced with the correct foods and supplementation to great success.


Stressed Out?!

Can't Sleep?

Muscle Cramps?

Heat Exhaustion and Fatigue?

Tired and Exhausted When Waking Up?

Headaches, Aches and Pains?

Depressed and Anxious?

Vitamin C Cal Mag is a powdered formulation of Calcium and Magnesium in Vitamin C together with Potassium. The formulation bypasses the digestive system and is absorbed into the blood stream instantly. It feeds the nerves and acts as a natural relaxant. It makes one better able to cope with the daily demands of life and work.


Stress will always be present in one’s life. Put the body in shape with Vitamin C Cal Mag so your body does not get highly strung due to poor nerve impulses from stress.


Calcium and magnesium smooth the nerve impulses and help one relax and be able to have uninterrupted sleeps. One feels energetic in the morning and has a constant energy level throughout the day.


Alcohol causes the loss of magnesium by 7 times the normal loss.


Potassium prevents muscle cramps. It is also essential for energy production and mental sharpness.


Protects the heart muscles.


Potassium is lost in hot weather resulting in heat exhaustion and fatigue.


Helps with aches and pains after doing sports or for joint inflammations. Also helps reduce menstrual pains.


Replaces calcium in the bones and helps rebuild bone density. Helps with hair and nails.


Ideal for children with hyperactivity and who are out of control, helps calm them down.

CalM with Potassium


Available in 200g powder  (1 month supply)

MAXIMUM Immunity for

BUILDING and RESTORING your immune system

Building the immune system is different to boosting the immune system.


Maximum Immunity is a special formulation of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that provides the exact foods the immune system needs to be built with to function at a 100%.


Maximum Immunity helps to build a large army of warrior cells to combat any germs. Build up the numbers of warrior cells to be able to fight and destroy any viruses and bacteria and help your body stay healthy for ever.


Maximum Immunity needs to be used together with immune boosting herbs (Astra Life) as they work together to build a strong immune system.


Maximum Immunity gives the body the needed nutrients to help the body make the hormones to combat the flu, to relieve tight chests, remove tight phlegms in the chest, reduce inflammations and infections, to reduce allergies, post nasal drip and hay fever.


Maximum Immunity helps to rebuild new skin from inside to reduce skin disorders (eczema and psoriasis)


Maximum Immunity helps to increase the healing process in arthritis, gout and other joint problems.


Maximum Immunity helps to boost the energy levels by providing key vitamins to the cells for energy production. Handles constant tiredness.

Maxi Mind

Maxi Mind is a special formulation to feed the brain and balance it. It is ideal for children who have learning problems and who are hyperactive. It helps with concentration and mental alertness, helps them to focus, helps to calm them  down and allows one to relax.


Maxi Mind has been developed as a vitamin, mineral and amino acid combination in a powdered base with a pure orange powder that is ideal for children to consume. No need for tablets or capsules, just a full teaspoon in water or juice and it is ready to drink.


Maxi Mind can be used by adults. It is useful for memory loss, poor memory, or just a boost of brain power to feel more mentally alert and focused when having to concentrate while studying. It gives one that extra span of time to concentrate on tasks such as deadlines, night driving.


Reverse Aging

Restore Youth

More Energy

Break Down and Burn Fat

Regulate Body Fat

Prevent Muscle Waste

Build New Muscles

Remove Wrinkles

Improve Hair, Nails and Skin

Rebuild damaged organs (liver, kidneys, heart, cartilage and joints)

Build new bone structure to prevent or reverse osteoporosis

Increase and Improve Sexual Potency

HGH (Human Growth Hormone)

HGH (Human Growth Hormone) helps with the rebuilding of the body. As one ages, HGH production decreases and the quantity available is inadequate to help rebuild damaged organs or maintain muscle tone. With poor muscle tone and less collagen, the skin sags and wrinkles form.


HGH prevents fat build up and calls the fat reserves to convert to energy.


Help your body to produce more HGH to the same levels as when you were young and enjoy the vitality, strength, young skin tone and texture, and sexual health you had as when you were young.

Available in 150 Capsules and 300 Capsules

( 1 month supply)


Nutrition is the study of building and maintaining health. Nutrition is an aid to both the physician and the patient. One should avoid  "self doctoring" which can be extremely dangerous. When an abnormality occurs, two steps should be taken: one should improve his nutrition, and consult a physician. e-Health is a free service to raise awareness of nutrition as a means to build and maintain health and to reduce the individuals dependency on drugs to handle illnesses. For more information on health articles, personalised health programs or any questions, e-mail Allan Wohrnitz on allan@maxup.co.za

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