Adrenals or Adrenal Glands

by Allan Wohrnitz(BSc)

The adrenal glands are the glands that help the body cope with stress.


They are situated on top of the kidneys. The Adrenal gland produces adrenalin. The adrenal CORTEX is situated above the adrenal gland and it produces the cortisone family of hormones.


When the adrenals are kept healthy and well maintained, one is able to cope with any levels of stress. How does one keep the adrenals healthy? - read on.


When the adrenal glands are tired, burned out and exhausted or are not functioning at their optimum, the following symptoms happen:

  • Weight Gain and Obesity,
  • Uncontrolled fat storage
  • Arthritis, Gout and Joint pains
  • Tiredness, Lethargy, Chronic Fatigue (tired at 2pm - needing a rest)
  • Allergies,
  • Post Nasal Drip,
  • Asthma Tight Chests, Tight phlegms that do not loosen with on going chest infections
  • Eczema, Psoriasis, Dandruff
  • Auto Immune Diseases
  • Recurring infections and on-going inflammations
  • Frequent flu's, colds and poor immune system
  • Early aging, Muscle Loss and sagging skin and wrinkles
  • Low Blood Pressure and Low Blood Sugar (Black outs and fainting)
  • Low sex drive and urges, Poor Libido, Menopause Hot Flushes


The usual treatment for those symptoms are cortisone based creams (for eczema) or cortisone based medication (for joint inflammations, joint injuries or for allergies) or for nebulizers for asthma (the nebuliser vapourises cortisone to create instant relief of an asthma attack or when one's lungs are severely constricted).


So when anyone tells you they are on a form treatment that consists of cortisone (cream, ointment, injection, tablet or nebuliser), you know immediately the adrenals are either exhausted, or starving or burned out.


The adrenal gland produces its own cortisone. BUT it needs to be fed the correct materials so it can make cortisone. The key ingredients are Vitamin B5, Vitamin C and Omega 3 oils. The other vitamins are supportive so cortisone is made and the adrenal glands do not shrink and can function.


For those with chronic fatigue, recommend the herb Ashwagandha. This herb protects the adrenals and reduces the losses of Vitamin C in the adrenals. Loss of Vitamin C makes the adrenals shrink and not function.


For those with poor immune systems, recommend Astra Life or other herbal immune boosters like African Potato, Sutherlandia, Echinacea, etc.


What do Adrenals have to do with Menopause:

At menopause, the adrenals take over the role of the ovaries and make the female sex hormones. During a woman's life before Menopause, her ovaries make the sex hormones Progesterone and Estrogen. Pre Menopause, the ovaries make less Progesterone and Estrogen. To compensate the decrease in those hormones, more needs to be made. The adrenals are now the organs that take on that task, so now it gets more demands other than making cortisone and other stress hormones.


The adrenals receive Cholesterol and converts it to Progesterone and Estrogen. With a good liver to deactivate any excessive Progesterone and Estrogen, and a good and healthy liver to make cholesterol from Omega 3 oils, the transition of menopause is smooth as the adrenals are well fed with Vitamin B5 and Vitamin C and Omega 3 oils to produce enough of the balanced quantities of Progesterone and Estrogen.


Maxup Products

The combination of vitamins and minerals in Maximum Immunity powder by Maxup or Adrenal Repair capsules by Maxup or Stress Resist capsules by Maxup are the exact combination that contain Vitamin B5 and Vitamin C and supportive vitamins and minerals to feed the adrenals. They need to be taken with Omega 3 oils to make cortisone, as cortisone is an oil based hormone.


Maximum Immunity or Adrenal Repair or Stress Resist have been designed to FEED the adrenal glands.


What makes Maxup products different to other products on the shelves? You won't have to take 5 to 6 bottles of different supplements to match what is contained in the correct proportions in Maximum Immunity or Adrenal Repair or Stress Resist.


Other product brands on the shelves for Adrenal support - READ THE LABELS on the bottles to see the contents - feeding the adrenals are Vitamin B5 and Vitamin C as the BASE. Other materials such as herbs and other vitamins are just support structures. Without Vitamin B5, Vitamin C and Omega 3 oils as the base, the other combinations won't work at their optimum.


To read success stories of those who restored their adrenal glands, go to our Success Stories page, and see for yourself the results obtained.

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