Arthritis and Joint Pains

by Allan Wohrnitz(BSc)

Something can be done about arthritis with simple nutrition and some additional supplements.


Arthritis is stress related and happens when calcium is withdrawn from the bones and deposits in the soft tissues. A diet adequate to prevent this occurring is needed, which follows:

  • Magnesium - prevents deposition of calcium.
  • Vitamin E - a deficiency causes the calcium content in the soft tissues to increase by 500%
  • Lack of Magnesium and Vitamin E causes osteoarthritis

Arthritis is relieved by cortisone. The body produces cortisone naturally and a lack of cortisone is an indication of damaged adrenals.


To repair the adrenals, needed are Vitamin C, Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic acid), B2 and B6.


  • Vitamin C - 70 times more is needed to protect the adrenals. It also prolongs the effectiveness of cortisone.
  • Vitamin B5, B2 and B6 - lack of, adrenals become damaged
  • Essential fatty acids - lack of showed a decrease of adrenal hormones. Essential fatty acids are also needed as they form part of the structure of body cells, and if lacking, cells can be easily damaged and allows calcium to deposit. With the presence of the oils, cells are strong. Vitamin E is there to protect the cells from disintegrating and the oils from being destroyed.
  • Anti-stress factors - assists the body from damage caused by stress. They are contained in liver, brewer's yeast, full-fat soy flour, wheat germ and cooked green leafy vegetables. These should be obtained daily in as large amounts as can be tolerated.
  • Calcium - is continuously withdrawn from the bones when under stress. Calcium also decreases sensitivity to pain. Under stress, bones are demineralised and supplements of calcium are needed to replace the loss. It should be taken in the form of Cal Mag (in an acid base and no sugar content in the Cal Mag) so it can be fully utilized by the body


Recommended diet and supplements:

  • High protein diet including white meats, fish, milk, yoghurt, eggs, liver, soya, wheat germ, brewer's yeast.
  • With each meal, between meals and before bed
  • 100mg vitamin B5 + 500mg vitamin C
  • Severe pain - double on B5 and C; Pain and stiffness no longer - reduce by half
  • Daily: Vitamin E 400iu, Multivitamin and mineral, Vitamin A and D (25000iu of A - from fish liver oils) and Cal Mag C - 2 tsp
  • Anti-stress factors from liver, yeast, soya, cooked green leafy vegetables (liver - 1/8kg or 15 liver tablets)
  • Essential fatty acids - Options of seed mix (linseed, sunflower, sesame and pumpkin), cold pressed oils or Omega 3 + Evening Primrose Oil
  • Salt is lost when adrenals are exhausted. For that time, eat salty foods or have salted nuts daily
  • Take lots of fruits and vegetables with your meals
  • Get off refined foods, junk foods, hydrogenated fats (refined cooking oils, processed peanut butters, margarine) , coffee and alcohol
  • For about a month, take digestive enzymes until normal amounts of digestive juices are produced by the body. A lack of Vitamin B5 reduces the normal quantities of digestive juices.


With this diet the arthritis should clear up. If not after a while, one could consider the possibility of psychosomatic illness like bottled up negative emotions experienced during a lifetime. Precise techniques can relieve this unnecessary burden and reduce the effects of negative emotions in a person which keeps the arthritis existing and becoming a chronic illness.

Nutrition is the study of building and maintaining health. Nutrition is an aid to both the physician and the patient. One should avoid  "self doctoring" which can be extremely dangerous. When an abnormality occurs, two steps should be taken: one should improve his nutrition, and consult a physician. e-Health is a free service to raise awareness of nutrition as a means to build and maintain health and to reduce the individuals dependency on drugs to handle illnesses. For more information on health articles, personalised health programs or any questions, e-mail Allan Wohrnitz on

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