HGH - Human Growth Hormone

by Allan Wohrnitz(BSc)

The Human Growth Hormone is a hormone produced to help the body build new cells and tissues. In children, it is essential that the body produces it as it allows the child to grow by directing the growth of the bones, the organs, muscles, etc. If it is not produced in the correct quantities, the child's growth is stalled and can become a dwarf.


There are even reports of drugs (Ritalin) that interfere with the HGH in children, hence it interferes with their normal growth process. HGH is at its highest in adolescence, the time when maximum growth occurs. HGH is the master of all anti-aging hormones. It can reverse the biological clock almost on its own.


It is needed throughout life to maintain one's physical and mental well being. HGH has very key functions in the body. It helps with the following:

  • It enhances one's energy levels
  • It breaks down fat and regulates body fat. With HGH around, the body responds to insulin. The fat cells are induced to break down their existing stores and one gets significant fat loss.
  • It makes glucose more readily available for all cells of the body
  • It stimulates the growth cartilage and connective tissues. It assists with tissue repair.
  • It builds new proteins. It increases muscle mass. It helps to rebuild damaged organs such as the liver, the heart, the kidneys, the thymus (key to the immune system), etc. It helps to restore them to their original state and become fully functional
  • It promotes the integrity of hair, nails, skin and all vital organs. It helps to make new skin (takes away wrinkles).
  • It stimulates the growth and strength of bones. Bones are made up of a matrix of protein which is strengthened by Calcium and Phosphorous. HGH can direct the building of the protein matrix to increase the bone strength and bone density.


HGH  is known to enhance and prolong sexual experience with more energy. HGH  is useful for AIDS sufferers as it helps to accelerate the building of new muscles to the areas where muscle waste has occurred. As HGH directs the building,  repair or growth of the thymus gland, it enables the gland to produce larger amounts of T-Cells. The more T-Cells are present in the body, the stronger the immune system. HGH directs where essential nutrients need to go to repair and regenerate cellular structures. It promotes healing and renewal of aging cells. Reports have shown increase in size of liver by 20%.


When HGH declines the following happens:

  • Fat gets stored instead of being used up for energy
  • The body droops and the skin starts to sag – wrinkles are formed
  • Muscle mass shrinks and becomes weaker
  • Hands grow softer
  • There is a decline in mental function
  • Sleep patterns deteriorate
  • There is an increase in blood clotting, hardening of blood vessels and elevated blood pressure (heart disease)
  • The immune system weakens – the thymus gland shrivels – a key gland in the production of T-cells for the immune system


With age, the levels of HGH steadily decline. With its lower levels, it is only used to maintain the immune system and repair damaged cells. With not enough of HGH present, it cannot do the other vital functions as listed above. However, one can assist the body to make its own HGH by providing the exact nutrients of Amino Acids and vitamins and minerals so the body can make the same levels as a 25 year old body normally makes. This is when the aging process can be reversed.


The reason for aging is that the hormones decrease in levels as we age. Any damaged organs with scar tissues do not function optimally and the hormone levels are not adequate to instruct the body to do a proper repair and rebuild.


HGH directs where amino acids, vitamins, minerals and oils should go for repair or building. HGH supplementation must be taken with a proper diet providing all nutrients, especially adequate levels of amino acids from proteins so orderly building and repair can be achieved. By repairing the organs such as the liver, kidneys, adrenals, glands, it enables the body to produce and regulate hormones at the needed levels and helps rebalance the body. It assists with anti-aging by producing hormones at the levels they should be when one is young. At those levels, the body responds as if it is young.


It is recommended to take supplements with specific amino acids that will enable the body to make its own HGH. Taking HGH hormones as hormones will create the benefits listed above, but once one stops taking the hormone, the body returns to its original state.


The body does not become dependent on supplements and when one stops taking them, the benefits are maintained.


Release of HGH can be inhibited  by poor eating habits and chronic unresolved stress.


In order to prevent further aging, it is recommended one takes antioxidants to counteract free radicals. Free radicals are known to initiate just about every disease known to man.


Free radical exposure is from:

  1. Normal processes of the body;
  2. Increase in exercise; and
  3. Exposure to toxic chemicals, exhaust fumes, pesticides, herbicides, cigarette smoke, pollutants, alcohol, additives and preservatives in junk foods


References: Eternal Health by Dr Michael Elstein, The Amino Revolution by Dr Robert Erdman


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