Success Stories

by Allan Wohrnitz(BSc)

Adrenal Burnout

"Dear Allan,

"My name is Pamela Murray, and I have been very ill for the last 9 months to 1 year... spent lots of money on doctors and tests. I was getting so thin and kept losing weight, had no appetite and could hardly function, my body and face was full of sores and I was so itchy all the time, could hardly sleep at night, my body ached and I thought that I had some sort of creature eating at my legs and face, your whole body moves as your nerves jump all the time, it feels like something is biting you all the time and it was so sore all the time. I was a nervous wreck and couldn’t do anything, my friend told me to go to a homoeopath and get help, so I did and I went to the a wonderful homoeopath in Broad acres, she did a few tests on me and said I had Adrenal burn-out, and put me on MAXIMUM IMMUNITY powder, that’s all.


"I have been taking it for 2 months now and have at last started to feel like I am back on the earth. My sores have all cleared up and my skin is looking much better, I have started getting my appetite back and my nails and hair has started growing again.


"I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful product and for helping us. If you have any other product or material that you think could help me, please let me know and how long would you recommend I take the powder for?"


Kind regards, Pamela Murray (078 344 3887)


Recurring Infections Since Birth

"My baby Shikara has been sick since birth. She was born with a chest infection and always had a snotty nose. She is now 1 year old and I was in such despair not being able to find any cure. Allan gave me advice and I stopped giving my baby sugar. Allan suggested MAXIMUM IMMUNITY by MAXUP. On the 5th day of using these powerful vitamins, she was no longer having eczema, chest infections, colds and an upset tummy. "Thanks again for MAXUP. I have 6 kids and all of them are healthy and strong because of Maximum Immunity."


Engela (079 9451119)


"My daughter Jessica, aged 2 1/2, had constant re-occurring ear infections, colds, flu, etc. In December 2005, I reached the end of my tether. After exploring natural products, I put Jess on MAXIMUM IMMUNITY, 1 tsp twice a day. Since January 2006 to date (9 July 2007) she has never been ill again. Not a cold or ear infection; her allergies has vastly improved and I believe soon that will be in the past due to the outstanding MAXIMUM IMMUNITY product. I’m grateful we never needed grommets and all the extra medical expenses attached. "Thank you."


Michelle (079 5804379)



"Zoe is 3 years old and has had eczema since about 9 months. I realized there were certain foods that she could not eat and I just kept them away from her. She has been on MAXIMUM IMMUNITY for 2 weeks and already there is a major difference. She can now eat those foods and have absolutely no reaction on the skin. Before there would be a reaction within an hour. This stuff works."


Marlene (082 3885247)



"After many months of struggling to find something that is effective for gout I have finally done so. Allan suggested 500mg of B5, 400iu of vitamin E, and 2500mg of Vitamin C, to this I added Essential Fatty Acids and lo and behold, I got significant relief from the gout. I have also purposefully indulged in foods supposed to increase uric acid to see if the inflammation would increase, without any gout attack taking place. I have tried virtually every remedy available with very little improvement. The above regimen really does work."





"I’ve been using your product called MAXIMUM IMMUNITY for the past 3 months, which cured me 100% from asthma. What a great product; I have recommended it to quite a lot of people who are also very happy with the result. Thanks again."


A.M. (073 3573735)


"I would like to thank you for recommending MAXIMUM IMMUNITY to me and my family. We have experienced unbelievable results from this product. My two boys, one year old and five-year-old, they haven’t been to a Doctor since the beginning of this year, especially my five-year-old whose asthmatic, he hasn’t been sick at all. Now we are almost at the end of July. You have saved me money, headaches, and sleepless nights with sick children. I will always recommend this product to everyone I know. Myself, the hay fever is something I do not know anymore. Thank you so much."


Chrissy (082 787 2438)


"Odi is a 41/2 year old boy. He had chest problems and sometimes it would be tight like he has got asthma. I bought the MAXUP MAXIMUM IMMUNITY and it helped him a lot. He used to cough since he was a baby and his chest got sore. He is no longer coughing and his phlegm is gone. I also stopped him from eating junk like sweets. He is doing very well and his appetite increased a lot. Thanks Allan."


E.H. (072 8986645)


Pain Relief

Hi, my name Dhunpal Naidoo and I am 59 years old, and this is my personal review about an amazing product introduced to me by Allan Wohrnitz. I must firstly say that i am by no means affiliated to this product,but it would be selfish of me, not to share my experience with others that have the same problem, and maybe benefit from it.


About 4 years ago i got this excruciating pain in my back. It felt like somebody was pushing a nail into my hip bone,and there was this numbness running down my legs. So bad was the pain that i could not concentrate on anything else but the pain. I could not stand or walk for more than a couple of minutes and then i would have to bend and straighten just to get some relief. Going to the doctors every other week costed me R350 a visit and all they did was give me a Voltaran injection and pain killers like Proleaf and Brufin. I was taking these pain killers 3 - 4 times a day. So frustrating.


Then in October 2016 I was doing some work for Allan Wohrnitz when this pain got so severe that i had to have an x-ray done and this confirmed that there was degeneration of cartilage at joints. Osteoarthritis is  type of joint disease that results from breakdown of joint cartilage and underlying bone. At the bottom of the x-ray report it said this.


"Joint cartilage is rebuilt/reconstructed with Glucosamine and Chondroitin. However the reconstruction can only happen in the presence of cortisone as cortisone acts as a protective shield around the damaged cartilage so glucosamine and chondroitin can effectively do the reconstruction without the interference of toxins and germs."


When I saw this I showed it to Allan because he knows all about this. Thats when he gave me a bottle of capsules called MAXUP Adrenal Repair and a bottle of MAXUP OMEGA 3. I started taking this 3 times a day without missing a day and i can promise you that after 3 months I didn't even realize that the pain was gone. I still take these capsules everyday even though the pain is gone because I do not want a

re-occurrence of that dreadful pain.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Allan for his incredible knowledge and insight and for curing my Osteoarthritis.


Thank You

Dhunpal Naidoo


Cramps and Sleepless nights

Its amazing how we stumble upon something that actually works for another problem that it was not intend for. About 18months ago I had two problems.


1) Difficulty falling off to sleep

2) Chronic cramps


I spoke to Allan Wohrnitz, whom I normally consult with, before I go to doctors, Because he is very knowledgeable in health and nutrition, about my sleeping disorder, and that night he mixed me some CALMAG, Apple Cider Vinegar, Himalayan Salt and Honey with warm water, and he told me I will sleep like a baby.


Just before I can have this mixture I got this terrible cramp inside my body. It's like my lungs are being squeezed and I could not do anything about it. It's not like when you get it in your fingers or toes where you can like press it out. He saw me suffering and told me to take deep breaths which did not help much. While I was still cramping I drank this concoction and a few minutes later the cramps were gone. Wow everything just went quiet like I was so calm.


That night I had the best sleep in a long time, and then I wondered if the concoction had anything to do with releasing the cramps. At that time I could not tell because I just did not know. Then two weeks later the cramps were back and guess what, after taking the concoction the cramps were gone in minutes.


So every time I get this cramps, my wife justs mixes this stuff up, and I'm good to go, never fearing this cramps again. And you know, not only does it solve my cramping and sleep problems, you also go out with ease in the mornings.


Thanks Allan you the greatest.

Sagie Naidoo

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