Vitamin C

by Allan Wohrnitz(BSc)

The miracle vitamin

Vitamin C is probably one of the most important vitamins in the body. It has numerous uses, it is non toxic, can be taken in massive amounts and there are no reports to date of any deaths by an “overdose”. It is also known as a “miracle drug”. Papers as far back as 1948 were written by Dr Fred Klenner who pioneered on the uses of Vitamin C.


Vitamin C cannot be stored in the body - the tissues (not cells) can be saturated as a sponge might be saturated with water. Any excess is thrown off in the urine. When the amount exceeds what can be absorbed, one would experience diarrhea. The amount should be reduced but not stopped. Every one is different in their needs as it depends on their stress levels, exposure to toxic substances, illness (viral or bacterial). When one is exposed to toxic substances from viral and bacterial toxins, drugs, industrial chemicals, pollution, X-rays and radiation, Vitamin C is used first to detoxify them before it is available to the tissues.


Vitamin C is key to help form and maintain a strong cement-like material known as collagen which holds together all the cells in your body. For collagen to have structural strength and elasticity, Calcium is needed as a stiffening agent and with collagen it becomes connective tissue. Connective tissues supports organs, fills spaces between them and forms tendons and ligaments. (tissue - a part of an organism consisting of a large number of cells having similar structure and function - i.e. nerve tissue)


Cell walls are very thin. They need strong connective tissues so viruses, bacteria, poisons, toxins, dangerous drugs, allergens, and other foreign materials do not gain access. Strong connective tissue is not easily penetrated and cells are protected.


A balanced diet will ensure the health and strength of the connective tissues, prevent invasion of the cells and could possibly guarantee one’s health no matter the conditions of one’s environment.


First action is to saturate the tissues, then provide Vitamin C from natural sources - citrus fruits (ideally kept refrigerated before consumption or juicing - refrigeration renders enzymes in the fruit inactive that would otherwise destroy the Vitamin C in a short time at room temperature). Also cooked green vegetables - spinach, brussels, sprouts & broccoli - do not discard the water (50-90% of Vitamin C lost if water is discarded).


Bioflavonoids occur in the pulp and the white of rind. It reduces the need for Vitamin C and makes Vitamin C more effective.


Deficiencies of Vitamin C:

Colds, Flu, Infections and Diseases - 20 to 40 times more C is needed to keep the tissues saturated.


Vitamin C is most effective at the onset of an infection.


Saturate the tissues with 2000 to 6000mg of C with Cal Mag. Then get onto the anti-stress formula - every 2-3 hours, 500mg of C, 100mg of  B5, 10mg of B Complex or best a Multivitamin &mineral with 10mg of BCo together with high quality complete proteins and some calories (honey, fructose). Helps build an army of antibodies and white blood cells.


  • Antibodies - (a protein produced in the blood to fight infections and render them harmless) are unable to render bacteria harmless unless Vitamin C is adequately supplied.
  • Complement -  (a protein in the blood serum when activated by antibodies destroys bacteria). Antibodies must be helped by a complement - no Vitamin C = no complement.
  • Antibiotics - Vitamin C in massive amounts can be used in the place of antibiotics and it causes no allergic reactions and no toxicity. Vitamin C is named the perfect antibiotic.
  • Viruses - viruses have to enter the cells before they can duplicate and multiply. Large amounts of Vitamin C is known to be deadly to viruses. T-cells use Vitamin C to kill bacteria and viruses.
  • Heart Attacks - Arteries and capillaries break spontaneously in the absence of Vitamin C. The arteries of the heart weaken. Clots form most readily where a blood vessel has been broken. An under supply of Vitamin C is a major cause of heart attacks and strokes initiated by clots.
  • Cancer - strong connective tissues are known to prevent the excessive multiplication of tumor and cancer cells and can keep those cells in check. Building strong connective tissues with superior (complete) proteins, Vitamin C and Calcium is a good preventative measure for tumor growths or cancer. It does not cure the cancer, but only treats it.
  • Allergies - Enough of C can detoxify the harmful effects of allergens that have entered the blood (pollens, dusts, dandruff and foods).
  • It can treat a stuffy nose or post nasal drip, hay fever, asthma and eczema.
  • Massive amounts can overcome the effects of snake bites and malaria.
  • Vitamin C is a natural anti-histamine.
  • Inflammations - Vitamin C increases the rate of production of natural cortisone. This helps to reduce inflammations in joints (gout, arthritis) as well as ulcers. In acute attacks, take 1000mg of C every hour and decrease when the symptoms are gone.
  • Pregnancy - it is recommended to take 10000mg of vit C daily. Tissues become so elastic that deliveries are easy and that stretch marks and hemorrhaging are greatly decreased.
  • Fatigue - Vitamin C helps prevent it by detoxifying harmful “ashes” left from incompletely burned fats (acetone bodies) which accumulate in the tissues when blood sugar falls below normal, the major cause of fatigue.
  • Fever - when large amounts are taken, within a few minutes fevers drop and temperatures reach normal within a few hours. An initial dose of 2000 - 6000mg, followed by 2000 - 4000mg  between 4 - 8 hrs if the temperature did not remain normal. Vitamin C combines immediately with toxins and/or viruses, thus causing the fever to drop. If fever rises again, too little Vitamin C was given in the initial dose, the virus not destroyed  multiplies and again causes the temperature to increase.
  • Diuretic - Vitamin C in large amounts acts as a natural diuretic, causes excessive urination and is advantageous in case tissues are waterlogged.
  • Bones - the bone foundation partially breaks down, minerals are lost, bones become brittle and lack elasticity and strength. Even generous amounts of phosphorous and calcium cannot be deposited on the bones as the collagen base, needed Vitamin C as part of its structure, is too weak to hold them. With Vitamin C generously added, new bone foundation forms, minerals if available are quickly laid down. It is also important for healing broken bones.
  • Gums and teeth - under supply of C, gums become puffy and spongy and bleed easily. Bacteria live on dead cells of the gum tissue causing infections. The bone surrounding the teeth is destroyed causing the teeth to become loose. Dental growth is also slow and results in tooth decay.
  • Diabetes - Vitamin C with a host of other vitamins increases insulin production.
  • Thyroid problems - Vitamin C is needed to prevent the thyroid hormone from being inactivated by oxygen.
  • Anemia - when large quantities of Vitamin C are obtained, iron absorption is increased so much that anemia is corrected without more iron added to the diet.
  • Drugs - Vitamin C is used to detoxify the harmful effects of drugs. It is recommended to take 500mg of C for every dose of medication taken. Large amounts of Vitamin C will be needed initially if one has been on drugs for months or years to treat chronic diseases such as asthma, arthritis, gout, etc. before the vitamin is available to the tissues. No Vitamin C is lost throughout the body until the tissues are saturated.
  • There have been cases of people on tranquillizers where no Vitamin C appeared in the urine until 15000mg was taken.
  • Aspirin destroys Vitamin C so completely that it often causes nosebleeds and internal hemorrhaging.
  • Chemical Poisoning - from lead, bromide, arsenic, benzene, carbon monoxide and any other substances, especially persons doing industrial work, Vitamin C can prevent or cure chemical poisoning.
  • Poor digestion - lack of stomach acid causes the destruction of Vitamin C. If digestion is poor, ensure digestive enzymes and stomach acid supplements are taken temporarily until normal production of digestive juices are produced.
  • Cigarettes - the toxic substances from a single cigarette destroy 25mg of Vitamin C. People unable to give up cigarettes should increase their Vitamin C intake accordingly.


References: Nutrition advices by Adelle Davis.

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